Startup Funding Stages: A Quick Look

Have a great Idea for a product? Are you expecting Investors to walk in to your door knocking for an opportunity to help you? Well it’s too good to be true! Startup funding is one of those difficult things that seem like it should be easy but isn’t! It’s a lot easier to get a […]
Content Marketing for Startups The Three Critical Factors

Content Marketing for Startups: The Three Critical Factors

Having come up with a unique idea and developing the same as a marketable MVP, we are sure your journey till date would have been a roller coaster, but this is just the beginning. The next most important step is taking the product to the target users and getting them to use the solution effectively. […]
How the Hook Model Can Make Your Product Flourish

How the “Hook” Model Can Make Your Product Flourish

According to stats from King Online University, we tap, swipe or click on our phones 2,617 times a day. Our mobile phone is irresistible. We unlock it more than 150 times a day, open our favorite social media tool – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp – incessantly. We can’t hold ourselves from touching our phones […]
Minimum Viable Launch How to Launch Your MVP

Minimum Viable Launch: How to Launch Your MVP

When starting a new business or product, getting things off the ground quickly and efficiently determines success. While building a software product, you do it through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that provides your users with a set of core features that solves their immediate problem. The MVP helps you get feedback from your users […]
Four Ridiculously Barebone MVPs that Have Become Phenomena

Four Ridiculously Barebone MVPs that Have Become Phenomena

The best way to learn something new is by example. If we can see what works and doesn’t work in real-life situations, we have a better chance of learning from those examples than trying to figure things out for ourselves. This article will give four examples of how founders came up with their minimum viable […]
Startup Competitive Analysis Made Easy

Startup Competitive Analysis Made Easy

A startup competitor analysis (SCA) helps entrepreneurs and to-be founders understand their competition by looking at how their competitors are addressing the pain point that your startup is planning to address. It is an important step in creating your business plan. SCAs provide valuable information such as product features, pricing models, marketing strategies, customer acquisition […]