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Product Development

Software product companies are beginning to realize that their core focus should be on identifying market opportunities, innovation, aligning the vision of the company with the market requirements, refining the roadmap and most important of all, marketing. Also, they have been discovering the huge advantages of outsourced product development as the product life cycle has so many critical aspects from Initial idea to a large-scale production of the final product.

Businesses are under incredible pressure to shorten the time to market with their new ideas as the competition is stiff to grow revenues and attract and retain new customers. As funding for prototypes continue to tighten with no end in sight, it becomes even more important to reduce operating costs and maximize the value of Product Development Life cycle. A modernized development environment with ready to use frameworks and experts can reduce the need for these routine tasks and allow the core development team to devote more time on delivering high value features within time.

Merkat Intellekt helps startup organizations right from the development of their prototypes to the entire lifecycle of Product Engineering. With a range of advanced frameworks & skillset expertise, we help companies to experiment; innovate; create meaningful IP by adapting new technologies offering maximum benefits across AI,ML,RPA,AR/VR,Cloud & Mobile..etc. We help product and platform organizations to take advantage of reduced risks and a shorter time-to-market. Our product consultants will engage with you to understand your current strategy, provide insights from competing products available in the market, make you aware of what the end customer needs now and what needs might arise in the future, so you can keep innovating your product.  No matter which stage your product is, Merkat Intellekt will be a right match for your product development efforts

Our Services:

As the strategic partner, our Product Development Services are enabling our customers to accelerate business growth, reduce development costs and enhance their customer experience.

Product Development

Our Product development services include, Selecting the appropriate technology for building the product, Requirements documentation, Providing the technical architecture, Building Prototypes, Coding and Testing the product

  • Product Ideation: Conceptualization- Develop user stories for requirement elicitation, a proven and result yielding way to develop, track, and resolve project and its backlogs. Concept Screening by elimination of unsound concepts before deploying resources for Development.
  • Architecture Consulting: Our Architecture consulting service will help in meeting release deadlines, while ensuring functional and non-functional objectives of the software are met

    Our Services comprises of : High level design, low level design, and developer support, Standards verification – code-review, build process, design review, white box testing, Technology evaluation/validation – Quick PoC (Proof of Concepts), Pre-sales support on the technology aspects & Ad-hoc support
  • New Product Development: Concept Development and Testing, Concept Refinement by incorporating the feedback from beta release, Business Analysis by estimating the market acceptance of the product and Commercialization.
  • SaaS Development : Software development for SaaS companies is different. Product cycles are shorter, sustaining costs are dramatically reduced, and the technology used must be more current & digital. Existing software companies with development team more comfortable with client/server technology have to do Digital Transformation more quickly to do multi-tenant and web-centric software.

    Merkat Intellekt understands that software requirements are unique and software architecture should be scalable and flexible. We help SaaS Organizations to develop SaaS based Multitenant applications and enable IaaS/PaaS capabilities for load balancing and automatic provisioning of additional resources based on demand.

    Our SaaS Services comprises of : SaaS Application Development, SaaS Analytics, SaaS App Security and Data Governance, SaaS App Testing, Product Sustenance and Maintenance

Product Modernization/Advancement

Merkat Intellekt provides Product Advancement services for adding new features towards positioning the product differently, improving existing features and adding components to increase the functionality of existing products and enabling support for new platforms and hardware.

Product Migration

Merkat Intellekt’s migration efforts include Certifying the reliability of the current product, Defining the scope of the product, Providing the optimal way of migrating the product, like using 3rd party tools, reusing existing components or possibly reengineering the product

Product Re-engineering

Focuses on transforming an existing product in order to reconstitute it in a new form and with new features, taking advantage of emerging technologies, but without major changes to the inherent functionality. Our reengineering objective is to optimize its performance and value to the end-user.

Professional Services

Merkat Intellekt has leveraged the Agile paradigm towards implementation and integration, maximizing value for our customers through Data Adaptation, Customization and Integration

Product Sustenance

Merkat Intellekt’s Product Sustenance’s offerings include System Adaptations, Defect Resolution, Enhancements, Service packs release and patch tracking

Product Support

Merkat Intellekt offers a wide range of product support services like Early support and maintenance planning, Telephonic support, Remote and on-site support, Reactive and proactive support, Response-time driven support, Troubleshooting and continuing maintenance support.