RevOps – The Beginning

RevOps refers to revenue operations of a business that aligns Sales, Marketing, and Customer success under one umbrella to focus the shared goal of revenue growth. It increases the operational efficiency of the business overall.

Generally, businesses have separate departments for Sales, Marketing and Customer Success; they work towards their individual business goals on creating brand awareness, closing deals and Quality customer support rather than a unified business goal. When RevOps comes into place it increases communication between the departments and breaks down the silos.

As a central unit RevOps allows data transparency throughout the organization with integrated tools and solutions for all. With a shared data set for all teams, this structure puts together the insights, which make strategic decision making easier for stakeholders and Business owners. It recognizes the factors that drives revenue into the organization and identifies opportunities for growth.

Through better collaboration and visibility, RevOps focuses on closing the gaps in customer lifecycle with improved operational efficiency; Spanning Data, people, processes and technology with an accountability among teams. This leads to seamless co-working and unifies the operating rhythm for the company.

Who takes care of RevOps?? Is it Marketing?? Sales?? Customer Support or the entire Customer facing teams together??

In reality they are all part of RevOps, they work with a shared leader, who drives the Unified Revenue goal. Off late Businesses are setting up a separate team for revenue operations, led by Chief Revenue Officer or CRO. CRO brings together the above said teams to achieve the focus on their primary goal, revenue growth. In a startup environment, the CEO, COO or Senior Management personnel plays the role of Chief revenue Officer as well.

Let’s get to know more about revenue operations and automation of RevOps in my following posts.


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