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    I2IP – Idea to Intellectual Property

    Launch a Successful MVP in 60 Days – Guaranteed

    Successful Startups Emerge from a Successful MVP

    We understand that startups are a very precarious ecosystem, since they typically have limited resources, time, and money. Our affordable product development service allows companies to keep their ideas making money while they scale.

    Our MVP Development Services Are Ideal

    If You’re Building Your First Startup

    You dream of providing immense value to the Industry and create employment to many. We’ll help you build a product that earns the market’s attention.

    If You Have a Great Business Idea

    You need to support your brilliant idea with the best in class systems, strategy and product that will stand the test of the marketplace. Our I2IP delivers that.

    If You Have Business Experience

    You realize that the Technology startup world is a unique beast. You know you need a different set of tools, mindset and marketing methods to make your idea work. We welcome you.

    If You Don’t Have Technical Background

    Tech stack, frameworks, agile, lean – it’s mind boggling! Where do you get even started? Let’s help you navigate the crucial tech pieces and launch a tech product confidently.

    Benefits of Working with Us

    Realistic Planning

    Our process helps you identify which aspects of your business and product will be prioritized to achieve a solution that has the greatest impact on your company's results. Achieving problem-solution fit and product-market become easy.

    A Nimble Team

    Our nimble team ensures that we understand your need and can work with you to quickly iterate on any aspect of the product. Each possessing a wide range of skill sets, with excellent soft skills – quick, resourceful and client-centric.

    Agile Delivery

    Our deep understanding of product development and our experience in working with startups allow us to develop products quickly and effectively. We are committed to delivering an excellent product — competitively priced and delivered quickly – often within 60 days.

    Feedback-Driven Development

    Customers are the best source of feedback throughout the product development process and in many cases can identify not only what they want but also how to design it. Our I2IP method fully exploits this agile mindset.

    Flexible Engagement Models

    We offer a flexible engagement model that allows clients to pay for the progress we make on products. Often, this works better than paying for a fixed price for the project. It also helps them to save money because we don't charge for time spent on non-development tasks like meetings or discussions.

    Continuous Delivery and Deployment

    A continuous delivery and deployment method means that we will be able to get the product out there, while testing every line of code and validating user response. This method allows us to quickly realize fault or failure, resulting in producing high-quality software.


    End-to-end development

    We use a wide range of tools to get your product developed. We have the skills – Architecture, UX design, UI design, Full-stack development, App development – to develop any mobile or web app. We help you create a user interface that is easy to navigate and provides a seamless user experience.

    Strategy Consulting

    Our strategic planning and detailed planning help us develop a strategy that is achievable and cost effective. A detailed development plan and strategic advice is created to bring your company to new levels of revenue and profitability.