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Sales Automation – Now, Then & Will Be

As unique as a business can be, but the pressure to gain customers and to be the first to market is identical to all Businesses. So the business needs to find effective ways to use their resources to obtain optimal results. This is where automation (The process of creating software and systems to replace repeatable […]

RevOps – The Beginning

RevOps refers to revenue operations of a business that aligns Sales, Marketing, and Customer success under one umbrella to focus the shared goal of revenue growth. It increases the operational efficiency of the business overall. Generally, businesses have separate departments for Sales, Marketing and Customer Success; they work towards their individual business goals on creating […]
Startup Competitive Analysis Made Easy

Startup Competitive Analysis Made Easy

A startup competitor analysis (SCA) helps entrepreneurs and to-be founders understand their competition by looking at how their competitors are addressing the pain point that your startup is planning to address. It is an important step in creating your business plan. SCAs provide valuable information such as product features, pricing models, marketing strategies, customer acquisition […]

Can a Non-Tech Founder Develop a Tech Product?

Some people assume that only developers or those with technical backgrounds can build successful products, and an entrepreneur without technical knowledge cannot succeed. Many non-tech entrepreneurs with great ideas keep them to themselves because they think it’s too hard to develop a tech product. Fortunately, this is just a popular misconception; in reality, there are […]

Tech Mistakes Your Startup Must Avoid to Succeed

As an early-stage tech startup founder or someone planning to become one, it is important that you are aware of the common pitfalls that you will most likely encounter on your journey. In this article, we will list five of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and explain them with examples. After reading through this article, […]