Can a Non-Tech Founder Develop a Tech Product?

Some people assume that only developers or those with technical backgrounds can build successful products, and an entrepreneur without technical knowledge cannot succeed. Many non-tech entrepreneurs with great ideas keep them to themselves because they think it’s too hard to develop a tech product. Fortunately, this is just a popular misconception; in reality, there are […]

Tech Mistakes Your Startup Must Avoid to Succeed

As an early-stage tech startup founder or someone planning to become one, it is important that you are aware of the common pitfalls that you will most likely encounter on your journey. In this article, we will list five of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and explain them with examples. After reading through this article, […]

3 Questions to Ask While Scoping Out Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You have a great idea and you feel it’s time to build it out. Even though your idea is very promising, you want to be very careful not to kill it with poor execution or running out of budget. You’re asking your friends for recommendations for an expert or you already have someone in mind. You’ve decided that going the MVP route is theright approach. At this point, you have a few questions to answer before diving in tobuild your MVP: Who is the consumer of your MVP?  How do you pick the right set of features for your MVP?  Given that your MVP will have only a few features, how do you  ensure that your customers stay invested and interested in  your offering? Let’s deal with them one by one.  Who is the consumer of your MVP?  MVP by […]

Digital Technology Trends

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives over the last few years – our personal, professional and social lives changing the way our day to day interactions take place. Technology has played a major role in the education sector with how our schools operate and ways in which kids are learning. Seeing how fast […]

Product Testing – the only way to ensuring product quality!

Some common challenges in Product Testing:  Product Road map is not clearly defined and we aren’t sure if automation is appropriate for us? In most ISVs & Software Enabled Businesses, developers double up as testers and there is no formal testing process in place QA is typically given a step-motherly treatment and is looked at […]