User Experience

In the age of internet of things, user experience has become an art of storytelling much farther away from interface design to creating long lasting impressions at the end user. User driven stories has become the optimal way to pitch to executive decision makers of your organization and clients alike, a one skill that will make you stand out of your competition.

Merkat Intellekt helps organizations around the world build outstanding high-tech products for web, mobile and Cloud

​By generating deep insights into user behavior.

  • By creating user centric designs based on user research.
  • By usability tests that ensure usable and persuasive designs.

​With us, you go from idea to prototype faster and in a more sure-footed manner.

​Following are the UX services Merkat Intellekt has in store for you:

  • End-to-end user experience design
  • User interface engineering
  • Expert analysis – industry analysis and benchmarking
  • Expertise in Rapid prototyping with responsive design and service design
  • Expertise in designing user experience across platforms for multiple domains
  • Agile user-centered design
  • Digital content management

UX Consulting & Design

Our UX consultant’s main focus is not just in making the product easy to use but in putting together a great interface that users find it logical and intuitive, since they have a blend of design and development background. If you already have a Product developed, our consultants can provide you insights backed by industry practices that will drive business results.

Sketching the ideas

Sketching is a language, it is a form of communication. It helps you convey what you see in your mind to the person in front of you. Merkat Intellekt’s consultants will help design your product storyboard in a real-world context and can breathe life into even the most complex and imaginative app ideas with their amazing design skills.

UX Development and Validation


Wireframing is a critical component of the development process. It helps define the structure, UI layout and offers a very clear idea of the look and feel of the end product. It is hard to take a wrong turn with development if the wireframe is perfect. At Merkat Intellekt, only the most advanced tools are used to come up with wireframes that leave no doubts as to the user flow, layout, visuals and information architecture of the product.

Visual mock-up and functional prototype

Our designers are experts in creating professional UI mock-ups for products. We, very effectively, showcase the deliverability of the product and how it can help its users. Your idea is in the safe hands of our designers who will understand it, analyse it and come up with a mock-up that is an accurate interpretation of this idea.

UX Testing

UX testing is not just interface testing. Identifying the goal your website/application aims at establishing with your end user is the first and most important step in UX testing.

We create a persona to evaluate your user interface in comparison with industry best practices.

Merkat Intellekt will provide you with the strength and weakness of your product that will help you make important business decisions.